Do you feel like you are drowning in your natural hair journey with nobody to turn to for help?

Are you constantly searching for the answers to your hair issues on social media, from family or friends but yet, still you feel stuck and it feels like you are not making any progress?

Do you procrastinate and avoid wash day because everything you are doing and have been trying is not working anyway?

Do you feel like you are not taking good care of your hair and you are not getting great styling results?

Do you need one on one professional and expert to help support you in your natural hair journey?

If you answer Yes to one of the above question then Natural Curl Love coaching is for you

Book today and get a step by step hair regimen that is proven to amazingly transform your hair

  • A Thorough Evaluation of your current regimen & products
  • Hair and scalp analysis with microscope optional if you can come to me
  • Step-by-Step Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly Regimens personally for you that meets your hair needs and lifestyle
  • Recommended Hair Products (personally selected for your Hair needs, lifestyle & designed to use for years to come)
  • Personal hair solutions for any natural hair issues you have, like: severe dry hair | Hair that loses moisture fast within hours or days | constant hair breakage | brittle hair | slow growing or hair not growing | frizzy roots | no curl definition & more! 
  • ❖ Receive everything listed above, PLUS
    ❖ A 3X 45-minute complimentary Virtual Curl Consultation where we discuss your hair and your best next steps
    ❖ 5 days of email coaching with me to answer any questions you have about your hair or your new regimen Price € 350

    GROUP PLAN MAX 4 PEOPLE | Price €650
    ❖ Receive everything listed above AND DO IT WITH YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS