Frequently Asked Questions

AMOUR HAIR & BEAUTY SALON is based in the Netherlands and offers services occasionally in London UK. If you are interesting in us coming to your country (Europe only), send us an email

Friday 10:00am-21:00pm Saturday 10:00am-21:00pm

Yes. Consultation is included with some of the services. If you are not sure what to do with your hair or which service suits you best then you are also welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss your hair needs. We do not discuss hair needs over the phone, via SMS or DMs. unless you have booked a virual consultation. Schedule a consultation so that we can see your hair and make the right recommendations. Scheduling a consultation is mandatory for all new customers, color services and all hair loss & scalp disorders. Of course you can contact us if anything is unclear.

We accept cash, Credit Cards, PayPal and other online payments methods. After or during your service upon agreement, you will receive and invoice with the total amount of your services to your email on file. You will then have several payments method to choose from. If you choose Paypal as a payment method, there will be an additional fee. Note! If you are not paying by cash, please make sure you have access to your email on file and bring everything you need to make your online payment successful. I ask all tips be in cash only please.

NO. All clients must book through the website in order to receive services from me.

Yes. All clients receiving services will have access during their appointments.

To insure that the salon environment is intimate and relaxing, we ask that ONLY those who are being serviced are present. Thank you for your understanding

If you are a new client or haven’t been to the salon in more than 12 weeks the new client rehab packages should be your first service.

A detox consist of eliminating heavy oils, butters, silicones, dirt, enviromental debris, hard water residue and product build up from your hair and scalp routine.

The Amour Curl Love Magic cut features a curl by curl and curl grouping cut method performed on dry defined curls with specialized detox, hydration and styling methods that address challenges unique to all natural hair types. Please come with your hair in a wash-and-go style with gel (no EcoStyler) that is 100% dry. The hair then goes through the Curl Rehab to detoxify the build-up of plastic / petrolatum / shea / oil and restore hydration in the hair. When your hair is completely dry, there is a personal advice on how to care for it.

Amour curly hair love cut is for those who wear their hair MOST of the time or 90%-100% of the time , in a curly state. If the above is you then you are best serve by a dry curly cut. It is the best way to help give your curls a beautiful shape to amplify your natural texture. So if you do not like to wear your natural hair for a longer period, then Amour Curl Love  Magic Cut is not for you.

No. we are  licensed professional natural hair specialist and we use products that meet our exact standards for hydration, strength, and styling effect. While we respect your home care routine, we will use our professional judgment to select products that will provide excellent results for your hair. However, bringing them in would be beneficial to knowing where you went wrong in your hair care regimen and what is correct. please do inform me first!

We work with all curly hair textures. However, we do not focus on number letter hair types like the 4 abcz. we focus more on your essential elements like your hair density, porosity, elasticity, hydration level, lifestyle, your hair needs and your hair goals.